In this course, you will learn about Hostile Vehicle Mitigation using Linxville as the example. You will be shown where the vulnerable areas are and how to mitigate against them. Read More

This introductory course identifies the core principles relating to investigation, planning, note taking and communications skills.  Read More

This bitesize course offers insights into the process of procuring and managing security contracts. It looks into the tender process, managing contracts and how to manage performance. Read More

This online bitesize course is perfect for anyone seeking to understand the core principles of crisis management and business continuity. You will learn about risk assessments, how to identify threats, and how to build a crisis management team.  We estimate the course should take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on your learning style. You'll earn 1 CPD point for this course.  Read More

This bitesize course explains the key principles and terminology regarding cyber security. It gives practical advice on how to best protect yourself and your business, and offers suggestions to consider for a more robust system.  Read More

This bitesize course offers insights to the various types of explosive devices that are used, as well as practical insight into how to best protect your people, property and assets.  Read More

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